Eat Smart With Fruits and Vegetables



  • Select apples that have a good color; a fresh, bright appearance; and that are firm to the touch.
  • Store apples in the refrigerator.
  • Try adding chopped apples to salads; have dried apples for an on-the-go snack; sprinkle with brown sugar
  • and bake for dessert.


  • Look for deep green leaves and a fresh,
  • bright appearance. The colour of the skin
  • does not indicate taste; avoid fruit with
  • obvious bruising or soft spots.
  • Refrigerate fresh pineapple.

How can I reduce my risk of cancer?

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • What’s a healthy weight? Check inside.
  • Be active as much as you can.
  • See inside for MoveSmart tips.
  • Cut back on alcohol.
  • Look inside for six simple ways.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, such as
  • bananas, apples and carrots.
  • Eat plenty of wholemeal and whole grain
  • cereals, such as breads and rice.