Why you need this plan ?

  • Cancer can affect anyone, anytime
  • There is an alarming increase in cancer cases in India and around the world
  • Cancer cases are only expected to rise
  • If diagnosed cancer treatment can be expensive
  • Staying financially prepared is half the battle won

Types of Cancer Covered by Cancer Insurance Plans (at early and advanced stages):

  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Hypolarynx cancer
  • Prostate cancer

Benefits of Cancer Insurance Plans

  • Covers multiple stages of cancer
  • Lumpsum is paid out on cancer diagnosis
  • Premium waiver is available under certain conditions like early stage cancer diagnosis
  • If there are no claims during the year, the sum assured increases by a pre-specified percentage
  • Hypolarynx cancer
  • Monthly income is paid out for a specified number of years subject to certain conditions, such as in case of major cancer diagnosis
  • Premium discounts are available for policies over a certain amount
  • Insurance cover is not ceased after first diagnosis
  • Tax benefits under section 8OD of the Income Tax Act

Why You Need a Cancer Insurance Plan

  • Cancer insurance is important because of the domino effect this disease can have on families physically, emotionally, and financially. Also, regular health insurance policies may not cover all cancer-related costs and if they do, there are conditions for coverage in different stages.
  • Cancer insurance is worth considering if:
  • You have a family history of cancer
  • If you believe that due to environmental or other reasons you have a higher risk of developing cancer
  • You do not have adequate savings to pay large medical bills
  • Your regular health insurance policy does not have sufficient coverage
  • You are the only earning member